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Warranwood, Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne, Australia

Manual & Automatic Lessons

Company Message

Lesson Costs & Packages Available

Automatic & Manual Lessons

0409 424 436

For your peace of mind we are both double vaccinated against COVID-19 💉💉

We base ourselves around Ringwood and Mooroolbark Vic Roads

As we have not increased our rates since 2013, we now find it necessary to do so, effective 1 January 2020.

45 minute lesson

60 minute lesson

90 minute lesson




5 lesson package

(available locally only)

5 lesson package

5 lesson package




Effective until 31/12/2019

45 Minute Lessons       $45.00

60 Minute Lessons       $60.00

90 Minute Lessons       $85.00

Please note that 45 minute lessons are only available locally to the Warranwood area and around the Vic Roads testing offices

By popular demand we offer 120 Minute Test Simulations (mock tests) for only $120.00

Effective  1/1/2020    $140.00

Note: These are available to students undertaking their drive test with us.

If you would like to do only the mock test with us, without the drive test, the fee will be $150

Effective 1/1/2020 $160.00

You will need to meet at Vic 

Roads and be picked up after two hours.

During these simulations you will be taken through formal test routes, do a pre drive check and taken through a wide part of the test area. You will be given feedback in order to help you pass your test first time and be a safe driver! We will also check your log book thoroughly.

Most importantly our aim is for you to be a safe driver for life and not just for your test!!

Test simulations are only available on Saturdays during winter (when Vic Roads is closed), or after hours 5pm during daylight savings.

Effective until 31/12/2019

5 Lesson Package       $215.00

5 Lesson Package       $280.00

5 Lesson Package       $400.00

Please note that all packages need to be used within a two month period from the date of purchase

(some exceptions may apply)

Flat RateTest Day Fee $220.00

Effectiv 1/1/2020    $240.00

(In our car or if you prefer in your own car, 

but out car will be available as a back up)

Price Includes meeting at Vic Roads for a 90 minute pre test lesson, in order to maximise your time in the test area, test time and taking you home after your test, if time allows


without checking our availability first

If you would like to do your drive test in your own car, we are happy to pick you up from home 90 minutes before your test, or meet at Vic Roads. Before test day, we can check your car, to ensure it is Vic Roads compliant for a drive test.

Cash Preferred

Bank Transfers, PayPal, Visa & Mastercard available on request but must be paid upfront

Gift Vouchers Available

(Bank Transfers need to be paid before lessons can be held)

Cancellation Policy - please note a fee may apply should you cancel your lesson within 24 hours

Ask us how to receive your free Keys 2 Drive lesson or visit the website